Welcome to the Venture Highway blog!  While the smart guys are building the Highway, this is all you get.  I will post some pictures of progress as the Highway gets built.  I will also be posting updates on the business, as well as really cool ideas for entrepreneurs.

Venture Highway is a site for Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs.  We have worked with hundreds of people trying to build their business and we have built several ourselves.  So, we are not saying we know everything, but we certainly have lots of scars, laps around the track, stripes on our arm, whatever analogy you like that means we have been there and done that.  We think there is value there for others and aim to work hard to prove it and be helpful.

We will be unleashing cool tools, lots of great resources, and a solid curriculum in entrepreneurship in the coming months.  We welcome feedback, ideas, suggestions, and we can take a punch, too, but we ask that everyone acts in a respectful way.  We can disagree without being disagreeable.  The idea is that we can help each other and everyone will learn and get better at the toughest job on the planet, being an Entrepreneur!

Thanks, Kevin…

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  1. kevin –

    thank you for blogging as you’re building this venture! i see ceos, angels and VCs blogging all over the country, but haven’t seen much coming out of columbus (if im missing some good ones, please let me know). i think this is an excellent channel for people to watch the company grow, for you to facilitate conversation and in general to teach lessons.

    just wanted to say thank you for making this effort.


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