What successes are you planning for in the upcoming year?

If you’re an entrepreneur in Columbus, the 2012 forecast is looking mighty bright. Entrepreneurs’ Organization released their 2012 Global Entrepreneur Indicator Report last week and our local standings may pleasantly surprise you.

The report is a semi-annual survey of members of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a non-profit with more than 8,000 entrepreneurs across 40 countries. There were 46 local entrepreneurs included in the survey.

Here is what Columbus-based entrepreneurs are saying about the local business climate:

-74% reported an increase in net profits the past six months, and predict an increase in revenue during the coming six months.
-72% indicated they expect to add full-time employees within the next six months.

-38% stated that access to capital has increased in the past six months.

Follow Entrepreneurs’ Organization online for more updates and to engage in conversation around the survey results — @EntrepreneurOrg.

Thanks, Kevin…

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    I hope that all is going well with you.
    I would like to talk to you about Azoti (we may be able to market them to our subscribers), Churchsys (how do they market to the churches?), Infinum Education (we want to learn how they enter data for client students, we may are interested in using our chat for health coaching) and Mobile Xpeditions (get a bid to help produce our mobile applications). I enjoyed the 1492 presentations.

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