This is part one of our two-part blog on things we are thankful for.  With Thanksgiving approaching, we felt it was more than appropriate.

You would be hard pressed to find a small business owner who isn’t dependent on a few apps or gadgets. Technology exists to make our life easier and more manageable. Personally I can’t live without Evernote, Amazon, my Droid, my MacBook Pro, and Meet-Meme cards. My personal and business information is intertwined in all of these tools and they help me get more done (and sometimes even make me look smarter).

Can you remember life before smartphones?  What a terribly inefficient time that must have been!  My Droid X does make me smarter.  I am lost without its apps, tools, news, sports, and fun!

Evernote is a lifesaver. It is a free organization tool that can be downloaded on your personal computer, your phone or accessed from the Internet. It enables you to save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see into categorized lists (notebooks).

I use the platform to jot down business ideas I have while on the run, manage my to-do lists and save helpful emails and articles. Its syncing abilities allow me to access and add to my information anywhere. Notebooks I create can be shared through the app and edited by multiple people, allowing for even more idea collaboration. Evernote even has a study tool my students can use when prepping for exams – Evernote Peek.

Amazon gives me access to everything and helps support my business. First off, buying stuff from Amazon is just too easy. I can get books on Kindle and share across multiple platforms, which still amazes me! I can now get music, movies, and shows easily and cheaply.

Venture Highway has their own store within Amazon that enables us to offer a collection of the best books on entrepreneurship and business startups. This platform not only allows us to share additional resources to students but also helps support Venture Highway financially. I am thankful for this great tool and its ease of use. Integration onto our website was simple.

My MacBook Pro makes everything come together. Even though I can answer emails and manage lists on my phone, having a “home base” on my Mac is essential. The laptop’s thin design makes it portable and its long battery life enables me to access files during multiple meetings. As an experienced entrepreneur I can attest to the importance of document safety and management. With my MacBook Pro I don’t worry about losing my saved information to a computer virus. It gives me piece of mind.

Finally, the new technology that I find helpful and fun is my Meet-Meme Trading Card. These are way better than a normal business card and are technology enabled. They make a great conversation starter at conferences, too!

Do you use these tools? What other technology items do you find helpful when managing or starting your small business?

Thanks, Kevin…

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