Even though I am a strong believer that entrepreneurs are made and not born, there are a few behavioral traits that may hint to the fact you are a successful business owner in training.

  1. You look forward to Mondays
  2. Your business card reads “Jack of all Trades”
  3. Your daydreams are often about making something out of nothing
  4. The local coffee shop knows you by name
  5. You still read The Little Engine that Could
  6. You’ve already reserved your future stock symbol
  7. You know you won’t get anything unless you ask for it
  8. You understand the power of a good team
  9. You know the difference between penny pinching and penny saving
  10.  You’re never intimidated by a challenge

How many of these can you relate to? If it’s more than five you might just be an entrepreneur!

Thanks, Kevin…

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