Making the Grade in Entrepreneur Education: How Badges Work

In our previous post, we introduced the idea of measuring student accomplishments in entrepreneurship education through badges rather than traditional grades. Badges are earned as students accumulate points by completing a set of defined activities, each related directly to course subject matter. Instead of passing a course by taking tests, students choose from a menu […]

What should we call our products?

I just read this interesting and timely article from The Chronicle of Higher Education titled “Don’t Call Them Textbooks“.  We have debated what to call our products for several years.  We are not creating textbooks, but our products are used in class like a textbook.  Sometimes we call our products “Online Textbooks”, “Textbooks on Steroids”, […]

Can we contain and control learning?

The administration and teachers in the Dysart Unified School District (Arizona) have started a “Bring Your Own Technology” program in their schools (read the complete story by clicking here).  Interestingly enough, they figured out that many of the students had access to the latest technology (better than the school’s) and did not want to limit […]