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Are you responsible for guiding entrepreneurs?  Venture Highway was built for you.

Whether you’re a full-time, part-time, or adjunct instructor, or you run an accelerator or incubator, Venture Highway is right for you, and your program.  We focus on supplying people like you--People who Guide Entrepreneurs (we call them PGE’s)--with cutting-edge and current ideas, material, and tools to make the job of training and inspiring entrepreneurs easy and fun. Find out more... 

We make it easy to build a course or program quickly and efficiently.

We know that life is busy. We know that last-minute requirements can be stressful to deal with when you are scrambling to put course or program material together.  And, things always change!  We know you will appreciate how easy it is to build your own course with us and begin working right away with Venture Highway. We have entrepreneurship courses and accelerator programs ready to go. You can tailor our material as little or as much as you’d like to give it your unique mark. Find out more….

Venture Highway. Come along for the ride!

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  • Making the Grade in Entrepreneur Education: How Badges Work

    In our previous post, we introduced the idea of measuring student accomplishments in entrepreneurship education through badges rather than traditional grades. Badges are earned as students accumulate points by completing a set of defined activities, each related directly to course subject matter. Instead of passing READ MORE

  • Bring on the Badges: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Entrepreneurship

    In our previous post, we talked about the unique challenges of teaching the basic principles of entrepreneurship to art students. With those challenges in mind, Venture Highway is exploring a new learning model that utilizes an innovative badge grading system. It’s a way for  students to READ MORE

  • Teaching Entrepreneurship: Blending Art and Business

    I recently returned from the annual meeting of the USASBE (United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship), held this year in Fort Worth, Texas. And I came back with a renewed appreciation of the challenge of teaching entrepreneurship to young artists. I’ve long believed READ MORE

  • Most Startups Should Be Deer Hunters

    Mark Suster recently published a great blog post with the same title as this post – Most startups should be deer hunters.    You can read the full post from Mark HERE.  He does a great job laying out what many of us have told READ MORE