• Streamlining the Path to Success: Entrepreneur Education Undergoes Curriculum Analysis

    I recently attended a conference about entrepreneur education. One of the more interesting topics covered was about a survey being undertaken on what subject matter should be taught to entrepreneurship students. You might be thinking, “But doesn’t that curriculum already exist?” Well, yes … and READ MORE

  • Learning without Loose Ends: Pursuing a Learning Integration Breakthrough

    I just wanted to alert you to another new initiative underway at Venture Highway. As more (probably now most) secondary schools and colleges adopt software to support Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Blackboard, a familiar challenge has cropped up: getting the various systems currently in READ MORE

  • New Startups Continue To Decline

    If you listen to all the hype, read TechCrunch, or watch Shark Tank, you would think that everyone is starting some kind of new business these days.  There seems to be a lot of interest, commentary, and “experts” running around on being an entrepreneur.  It READ MORE

  • Eat Your Own Dog Food

    There are a number of descriptive catch phrases and words we like to use at Venture Highway. One we use often is, “You’ve got to be eating your own dog food.” In other words, you’ve got to do what you say, not just say it. READ MORE